Armored doors and anti-burglary and bulletproof glass windows.
Safe solutions without sacrificing aesthetics.


Special collections for architectural entrances and
customized solutions upon request


Ercole, the bridge between security and beauty

We lead the industry in luxury armored doors and architectural entrances.
The story of Ercole began 25 years years ago from the inspiration of the myth of Hercules and the desire to revolutionize security doors and windows. We believe you should not have to choose between safety and beauty.
Not just safety features. Not just safety features. The passion for research and innovation led us to conceive the door as an invisible object that integrates perfectly with the environments and in perfect harmony dialogue with the design.

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Ercole armored entrances made in Italy


"Made in Italy"
Italian craftsmanship from design to manufacturing

Located in the splendid setting of Verona, the center of industry and excellence. From the carpentry to the finishing department. The process is focused on the work of each individual employee. Everything is aligned and aimed at creating a unique quality product, perfect in every detail. The production departments passionately create all Ercole armored and security products, combining craftsmanship with innovation.

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Architectural entrances

For those who think big

Your tailored entrance
With Ercole you can design your entrance,. No limitations. Ercole defies the force of gravity. The extreme versatility of composition allows you to create a customized product. A wide range of materials and finishes expands all the customization possibilities to make your entrance truly unique.

ingresso ares porte blindate a bilico su misura ingresso-ares-porte-blindate-a-bilico-su-misura
ingresso ares max porte blindate a bilico su misura ingresso-ares-max-porte-blindate-a-bilico-su-misura
riace riace plana porte blindate a battente su misura riace-riace-plana-porte-blindate-a-battente-su-misura
athena porte blindate scorrevoli su isura athena-porte-blindate-scorrevoli-su-isura

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