Marble mosaic with luxury finishes

  • Kuwait

Making a marble mosaic security door with luxury finishes was a challenge from many points of view.
The double leaf with concealed hinges each weigh 350Kg, and the armored door cladding is made of 10mm marmot mosaic, hand-cut and hand-composed from a selection of warm-hued marbles. The back of the surface is GOLDEN THREAD with a polished brass finish.

porta blindata con mosaico kuwait uai porta-blindata-con-mosaico-kuwait

Customized pullbars

The pullbars were made from the customer’s design and harmonized with the door decoration. These handles are 12mm solid brass machined by Italian craftsmen.
Given its imposing size and considerable weight, the door movement is motorized and the lock is biometric fingerprint recognition, but it can also be opened by smartphone via app.

Ercole armored entrances

Ercole doors are true “Designer Entrances,” the result of combining Made in Italy design and material research.
Each architectural entrance is a unique and unrepeatable piece that fully represents and satisfies the needs and taste of the most demanding client.
Ercole armored doors are built to provide you with maximum security. Armored doors certified not only burglar-proof but also bullet-proof. Choosing an Ercole armored door means choosing the peace of mind of state-of-the-art protection.

Motorized locks, automatic opening and closing systems, backlighting effects, access control with App, Token or smart card, facial and biometric recognition… Ercole security doors are a bundle of cutting-edge technologies to make securing your home simple and natural.