Armored entrance with stoneware and onyx – Aida Collection

Stoneware and onyx entrance - Aida Collection

  • USA
  • 1789 x 3254 mm

This entrance has a swinging armored structure and incorporates the Aida Collection concept.
The door has a covering made of Oxide Moro stoneware and insert with backlit Onyx stone.The backlighting was mounted behind the Onyx stone, the light passes through the slabs and, taking advantage of the translucent properties typical of this material, generate light effects and enhances the veins.

ercole collezione porta blindata aida sicurezza ercole-collezione-porta-blindata-aida-sicurezza

Onyx stone, niche and handle: all contribute to a dynamic composition

On the outside, onyx stone inserts divide the door into four sections and find their meeting point in the rectangular, unnoticeable, linear niche. Vertical and horizontal elements contribute to a dynamic composition.

The interior door incorporates the same materials; the onyx insert remains the absolute star but is accompanied by the full-height handle in burnished brass.

Aida Collection: horizontal and vertical, light and shadow.

Aida is a wisely calibrated entrance. The perfect orchestration of two elements creates a dynamic composition that divides the surface into four sections.
The material surfaces typical of stoneware porcelain combined with the backlit details of marble enhance this entrance of great value.


Ercole armored entrances

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