Pitagora collection – stoneware armored entrance

Entrance with multi-material door - Pitagora Collection

  • Israel

This imposing 3-meter-high pivot entrance exploits the full potential of the Pitagora Collection with material combinations featured by an oxidized effect. The juxtaposition of different stoneware slabs creates an interesting tone-on-tone effect that extends from the sash to the fanlight of more than 3 mt.

Pitagora installazione porta a bilico in israele Pitagora-installazione-porta-a-bilico-in-israele

Design and technology at full height

The aesthetics of the entryway are complemented by the full-height Vela pullbar, which, like the cladding, follows the full height of the fanlight.
The interior leaf is designed with a 3-sector layout and black pullbar.
The security door is also equipped with a motorized opening system and automated access control.

Pitagora collection: merge, create and compose

Creativity is the master of a unique collection: geometric lines combine with the materiality of the surfaces, creating dynamic compositions.
The geometry of the design arises from the combination of similar or diametrically opposed materials: colors, effects, textures when combined create a magnificent puzzle

Ercole armored entrances

Ercole doors are true “Designer Entrances,” the result of combining Made in Italy design and material research.
Each architectural entrance is a unique and unrepeatable piece that fully represents and satisfies the needs and taste of the most demanding client.
Ercole armored doors are built to provide you with maximum security. Armored doors certified not only burglar-proof but also bullet-proof. Choosing an Ercole armored door means choosing the peace of mind of state-of-the-art protection.

Motorized locks, automatic opening and closing systems, backlighting effects, access control with App, Token or smart card, facial and biometric recognition… Ercole security doors are a bundle of cutting-edge technologies to make securing your home simple and natural.