Protect your home during the vacations

Safely leaving one’s home during the summer vacation is a thought we all share.
Having an armored entryway Ercole already guarantees an excellent solution to burglary and break-in attempts.
The security standards offered by the armored structure prevent even the most experienced thieves from operating undisturbed at the door tampering.

controllo remoto ercole controllo-remoto-ercole

Open the front door with your cell phone even during the vacations

You may be away from home, abroad, or on vacation and need to bring in service personnel, or you may have an apartment to rent to new tenants and not be able to physically travel to the location.
Being at a distance from the home could create management issues.
Installing an Iseo motorized smart lock on Ercole security doors could be the ideal solution.
In fact, the opening of this lock can be activated with a remote opening command, allowing you to securely manage access to your home.

In addition, with a very simple application system, it is possible to create a virtual key to be sent “to the host” directly via smartphone.
Each new user will be generated a numeric code to open the security door.

The benefits of the virtual key for the owner are not indifferent.
No one will be able to misplace the keys or duplicate them or give them in turn to someone else, and through the access log, it will be possible to control who, when, and how many times has entered one’s dwelling or facility.

In addition, you will also be able to assign a virtual opening code by limiting access to certain days or time slots.
Comprehensive control in total safety.

Resistance tested

In order to define the degree of resistance of armored doors, the actual attack trials of a possible thug are simulated.

Depending on the performance, the UNI EN 1627 standard determines to which security class-from RC 1 to RC 6-the security door belongs.

Based on these criteria, Ercole armored cars guarantee burglary class RC 4.