Our commitment to safeguarding the planet


Using clean energy is only the first step, Ercole is committed every day to reducing the environmental impact at every stage. From solar panels to the use of electric cars to plastic free packaging.



Solar panel installations

Ercole uses renewable energy thanks to the installation of 100KW solar panels. An important choice that has allowed us to reduce the environmental impact and contribute to the battle against climate change

Electric cars

2018 saw the Ercole company take a further step towards green energy by switching to the use of the electric car. To date, Ercole is renovating the entire car fleet towards electricity or hydrogen


Greater comfort in work areas. Ercole embraces the philosophy of biophilia by bringing natural light and plants inside the plants, to improve the perception of comfort in the production areas

Bio paints

We use water-based bio paints, coming from recycled materials. Stop to oil, cut carbon dioxide emissions to ensure health in all environments in which Ercole entrances are installed.

PEFC certified wood (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification) in respect of the plants and animals that live in the forest and for the protection of biodiversity, respecting the natural rhythm of growth, the rhythm of the cuts is harmonized. In addition, the areas subject to cutting are reforested or regenerated naturally.


Ercole products allow you to reduce consumption and access the eco-incentives in force in an increasing number of countries

Plants without fossil fuel

In 2021 Ercole completely eliminated fossil fuels also for the heating of its headquarters.

Lighting systems

Ercole has also modified all the lighting systems to reduce consumption.


Plastic free

The beauty of our oceans, the abundance of life they host, for this reason Ercole has been committed over the years to increasingly reduce the use of plastics and implement that sustainability project that has always belonged to us.


trecell canna da zucchero trecell-sugar-cane
Sugar cane-based plastic-free packaging

Ercole has eliminated plastic from packaging by replacing it with polyethylene of biological origin.
TR-EECell is a special material obtained with decomposable sheets, a material derived from sugar cane that drastically reduces the environmental impact.

ercole erogatore acqua ercole-erogatore-acqua
Water dispenser

The company is equipped with water dispensers to limit the use of plastic bottles.

ercole thermos ercole-thermos
Steel Thermos

Ercole provides all employees with steel thermos to eliminate the consumption of plastic cups.

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